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Experienced Focus Group Moderators in Singapore

Our focus group moderators and workshop facilitators bring more than 10 years of know-how across communications and market research in Singapore. We also specialise in C-suite, B2B, and B2C interviews. 

Focus group moderators for market research in Singapore

At Assembled, we understand the importance of in-depth, quality market research for any organization that aims for growth and innovation.

Whether you’re a small business or a multinational corporation, our top-notch team of experienced local moderators is here to guide you through the process of qualitative market research in Singapore.

Our moderators guide the entire market research process, starting from the design of your research project to the selection of suitable participants and, finally, leading the discussions that extract the most insightful findings.

Focus group moderators with expertise in healthcare, B2B, and affluent market research in Singapore 

As a testament to our superior services, we have received over 400 five-star reviews from our clients who have experienced firsthand our professionalism, meticulous attention to detail, and dedication towards delivering actionable results.

Our team also prides itself on our adherence to local cultural nuances and language. In Singapore, where multiculturalism is a way of life, it's crucial to consider these elements during discussions. For example, language nuances like Singlish or cultural practices unique to the different racial and religious communities are essential in understanding consumer behaviour in the local context. Recently, a market research project we conducted on a popular local beverage brand utilized a focus group comprised of participants from diverse ethnic backgrounds. Our moderators effectively steered the discussion, incorporating local cultural nuances and language subtleties.

Workshop facilitators for market research in Singapore

We also specialize in delivering expert workshop facilitation for market research in Singapore, tailored to bridge the gap between research insights and actionable strategies.

Our workshop facilitation is designed to help you effectively communicate key market research findings to a diverse audience, including stakeholders, different business units, and partners. We focus on creating an interactive environment where insights are not just shared but activated, turning ‘what we know’ into ‘what we do next’.

Through our workshops, we guide participants through a journey of discovery and application. We emphasize the “so-what” by visually and interactively presenting the research findings, ensuring clarity and engagement. Then, we transition to the “now-what,” where we facilitate discussions and activities that help your team transform these insights into practical, innovative strategies and actions. 

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  • 400+ five-star reviews.


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