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Assembled market research team conducting an interview in Singapore to gather insights on multivitamin consumer preferences.

Unveiling Consumer Insights on Multivitamins in Singapore Market Research

As Singapore's leading qualitative research provider, Assembled has recently conducted an in-depth...
Group of travelers waiting at the airport gate, carrying luggage and looking at departure boards

Business class travelers and Skype interviews

Efficient project management and a focused field team are crucial when conducting massive...
Image of a market research discussion with affluent high net-worth individuals (HNWIs) in Singapore, conducted as part of market research on their preferences and behaviors.

Luxury Cars: Providing Freedom, Adventure, and Recognition to High Net-Worth Individuals

Luxury cars have long been a symbol of status, success, and prestige. For high net-worth...
Mobile ethnography and mobile community chats with the affluent consumers in Indonesia to create a digital finance solution

Co-Creating Digital Finance with Affluent Consumers in SEA

The affluent consumers of SEA hold the key to region's future. With the region's economies growing...
Concept testing market research with mothers in Thailand and the Philippines

The millennial mothers in Manila and Bangkok

Millennial moms in Southeast Asia are time-pressed dinner superheroes. They juggle work, household...
More than 400 five-star reviews of Assembled - the best reviewed market research agency in Singapore

What our reviewers are saying about us?

Are you curious about what people are saying about their focus group experiences with Assembled?...
Smiling baby holding a bottle of milk, symbolizing the innovative milk product and its appeal to parents

The future of milk in Singapore

Assembled is Singapore's best-reviewed market research agency that helps clients launch...
Image of a researcher conducting an in-home ethnography, observing and interacting with a consumer in the health, beauty, personal care, and wellness categories. The consumer is sitting on a couch, holding a product, and talking to the researcher. The researcher is taking notes and observing the consumer's behavior and reactions."

In-Home Immersion Exercise: Understanding Consumers for Retail Chains

Assembled is the best-reviewed market research agency in Singapore, providing market intelligence,...
Pharma company conducting market research with diabetic patients in Singapore.

Innovation work: Ethnography & workshops with Diabetic patients

Pharmaceutical companies invest heavily in market research to better understand their target...
Research center studying how to prevent myopia in children

Insights from parents of kids with Myopia

Singapore is known as the "Myopia capital of the world" with 65% of primary school students...

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