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Intro: Discover how our client successfully launched a groundbreaking milk concept by co-creating innovative communication strategies with engaged and insightful parents.

Uncovering Deep Insights: Moving Beyond Superficial Responses

Navigating the challenges of market research can be frustrating when trying to uncover deeper, more meaningful insights from participants. To bypass superficial responses and tap into powerful anecdotes, emotional stories, and thought-provoking experiences, we developed an immersive and engaging approach to co-creating communication concepts.

Unlocking Valuable Insights: 60+ Hours of Engaging Conversations

We assembled a diverse group of participants for in-depth discussions on usage, attitudes, and consumer experiences with milk products, as well as exploring new concepts. This approach ensured we gathered valuable insights necessary for crafting compelling creative campaigns and taglines.

Meet Our Insightful Parent Panel: 30+ Passionate Mothers and Fathers

Our panel consisted of over 30 articulate and enthusiastic parents, including both mothers and fathers, actively involved in purchasing milk and open to trying new brands. Their unique perspectives played a critical role in shaping our client’s communication strategies.

Interactive Pre-Task: Capturing Real-Life Milk Moments

Before diving into the research, we asked our parent panel to participate in a pre-task that involved capturing photos of various milk products and micro-moments of purchase. This exercise allowed us to gain a deeper understanding of their preferences and behaviors, laying the groundwork for more productive discussions.

Efficient Execution: Two-Week Timeline

From recruitment to fieldwork, our comprehensive research process was completed in just two weeks. This efficient timeline allowed us to quickly deliver valuable insights and actionable recommendations to our client for a successful product launch.