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Luxury cars provide a sense of freedom, adventure and recognition (especially to men) to high net-worth individuals.

One of our HNWI participant mentioned – “ I like to listen to my car. You can hear when the turbo clicks in. You can just feel the giddy up effect – you can feel it through the steering wheel and the back of the seat. ”

200+ hours of high net-worth individuals market research: Assembled for Insight

  • 50+ luxury car owners (including high-end Audi, BMW and Merc)
  • To ensure their investment of time to attend a 3.5-hr focus groups was impactful to the research, we provided a unique opportunity to network with other like-minded HNWI individuals
  • These luxury car owners were representative of various life-stages and car ownership (retirees, multiple car owners, high-end)

3 weeks including recruitment & fieldwork