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Singapore is the “Myopia capital of the world” with 65% primary school students affected. Myopia is more common than we think.

According to leading news outlet – Today Online – Singaporean parents are opposed to having their kids outdoors for 2 hours a day, even it is helps keep myopia away.

According to their report – “About 80 per cent of Singaporean adults will be myopic, and about a quarter of these individuals may have high myopia”

Whether it’s genetics or hard work kids put into studies, Parents need to come together to address this issue. 

30 hours of qualitative fieldwork: Assembled for Insight

  • 20 In-depth Interviews with parents of myopic kids (age 5-15 yr old)
  • Myopia condition > 500 degrees, recently diagnosed in 1-3 years
  • Sharing their myopia journey and experiences with optometrists and ophthalmologist

1 week including recruitment & fieldwork