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Assembled, a leading market research company in Singapore, brings you the best-reviewed qualitative research and market intelligence. Our recent focus group research explored the consumption of various supplements, highlighting the importance of understanding consumer preferences and decision-making journeys. In this blog post, we delve into our comprehensive market analysis findings in Singapore.

Understanding the Supplements Landscape in Singapore

Our focus group research revealed a diverse range of supplements consumed by Singaporeans. From vitamins and minerals to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), people use these products for various health and lifestyle reasons. These supplements can significantly impact one’s overall well-being, and businesses must comprehend the target audience’s needs and preferences.

Evaluating Brands, Variants, and Perceptions

We assessed brand and variant usage, awareness, and perceptions within the supplement category. Factors influencing consumers’ choices and brand preferences include product efficacy, safety, ingredients, and reputation. Our qualitative research in Singapore offers valuable insights into what drives brand loyalty and purchase decisions in this market.

The Decision-Making Journey for Supplements

The focus group research identified several triggers and barriers to purchasing health, dietary, and TCM supplements. Touchpoints and information sources include online reviews, social media, and word-of-mouth. Price, product performance expectations, and retail channels play a significant role in the consideration process. Assembled’s market intelligence in Singapore helps businesses navigate these complex journeys.

Spontaneous Impressions and Reactions to Brand Elements

Our focus group explored the brand story, names, label nomenclature, tone of voice, and product packaging designs. Understanding spontaneous impressions and reactions is crucial for businesses to identify potential watch-outs and areas for improvement. Assembled’s qualitative research in Singapore enables companies to fine-tune their branding strategies.

Evaluating Product Attributes and Opportunities for Improvement

Lastly, our market analysis in Singapore assessed products’ comprehension, appeal, relevance, uniqueness, and distinctiveness. This valuable feedback allowed us to suggest improvements for businesses to enhance their products and stand out in the competitive supplement market.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Business with Assembled’s Market Research

Assembled’s market research in Singapore offers unparalleled insights to help your business succeed in the growing supplement industry. Our qualitative research and market intelligence enables you to make informed decisions and create effective strategies. Contact Assembled today to unlock the power of market research in Singapore.