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Singapore is known for its diverse food scene, ranging from hawker-centres to Michelin-starred restaurants. However, how do brands uncover insights on when, what, where, how, and why consumers choose a particular fast-food destination?

At Assembled, we understand the importance of capturing in-the-moment consumer behavior to uncover deep insights. That’s why we conducted mobile ethnography research over WhatsApp, recruiting 20+ articulate and expressive millennial and Gen Z consumers in Singapore in just 4 days.

In-The-Moment Research for Uncovering Insights

Our WhatsApp 1-on-1 Consumer-Research Chat provided a unique opportunity to capture in-the-moment consumer behavior, allowing us to gain a deeper understanding of why consumers choose a particular fast-food destination. Over the course of 50+ hours, we received 150+ in-the-moment photos, gifs, and videos shared over WhatsApp chat conversations.

Engaging a Panel of Research Participants

Our team of five moderators worked simultaneously with the client in some group chats to engage a panel of research participants. This approach allowed us to conduct in-depth discussions on topics such as fast-food preferences, motivations for choosing a particular fast-food destination, and the factors that influence these decisions.

Capturing Real-Time Feedback for Actionable Insights

By capturing real-time feedback from our panel of research participants, we were able to identify patterns and trends in fast-food behavior. We also gained a deeper understanding of the emotions and motivations that drive fast-food consumption in Singapore.

Efficient Research Process for Timely Insights

Our comprehensive research process was completed in just two weeks, including recruitment and fieldwork. This efficient timeline allowed us to quickly deliver valuable insights and actionable recommendations to our client for successful product development and launch.

Conclusion: Uncovering Insights on Singapore’s Fast-Food Landscape

At Assembled, we understand that fast-food is an important part of Singapore’s diverse food scene. Our approach to mobile ethnography research over WhatsApp allowed us to capture in-the-moment consumer behavior and gain a deeper understanding of fast-food preferences and decision-making factors. By conducting in-depth discussions with a panel of research participants, we were able to identify patterns and trends in fast-food behavior and provide actionable insights to our client.

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