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The affluent consumers of SEA hold the key to region’s future. With the region’s economies growing rapidly, financial institutions are seeking ways to tap into the purchasing power of young, educated, and affluent consumers.

Technical Issues with Digital Financial Transactions

However, the tech-savvy affluent consumers in the emerging regions of Southeast Asia have already faced many technical issues with digital financial transactions in the past. They demand secure, reliable, and efficient digital financial services.

An Immersive Approach to Co-Creating Communication Concepts

To meet this demand, Assembled developed an immersive and engaging approach to co-creating communication concepts with these young consumers. Our team assembled a diverse group of over 100 affluent millennials from Indonesia and Thailand for in-depth discussions on their usage, attitudes, and experiences with digital financial transactions.

100+ Affluent Millennials Engage in In-Depth Discussions

The discussions covered topics such as payment security, ease of use, customer service, and user experience. Our approach was immersive, engaging, and interactive, with participants coming together regularly for several months to ideate, react, and improve digital financial transactions.

Secure Online Community Platform for Confidential Conversations

The participants were able to share their thoughts, feedback, and experiences in a safe and secure online community platform, which we developed specifically for this project. This platform allowed for confidential and transparent conversations between the participants and our client.

Capturing Micro-Moments of Payment for Deeper Insights

Before diving into the research, we asked our participants to participate in a pre-task that involved capturing screenshots of various digital financial services and micro-moments of payment. This exercise allowed us to gain a deeper understanding of their preferences and behaviors, laying the groundwork for more productive discussions.

Efficient Research Process Completed in Just Three Weeks

In just three weeks, we completed our comprehensive research process, including recruitment and fieldwork. Our efficient timeline allowed us to quickly deliver valuable insights and actionable recommendations to our client for successful product development and launch.

Insights and Recommendations for Successful Product Development

By co-creating innovative communication strategies with engaged and insightful affluent millennials, we helped our client to understand the needs and desires of this important target market. With our insights and recommendations, our client was able to develop digital financial services that are secure, reliable, and efficient, meeting the demands of this growing and important consumer group in Southeast Asia.

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