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As Singapore’s leading qualitative research provider, Assembled has recently conducted an in-depth study on multivitamins. This research aimed to uncover consumers’ usage and attitudes towards multivitamins in Singapore and to plan the way forward for our client’s message rollout. By interviewing pharmacists, we also gained valuable insights into their perspective on the multivitamin consumer.

Multivitamins vs Specialised Vitamins: Consumer Preferences

Through a combination of exploratory discussions and projective techniques, our market intelligence Singapore team delved into consumers’ preferences when it comes to multivitamins or specialised vitamins. We sought to understand the factors that drive their choice and how this impacts their purchase decisions.

Influencers and Decision Factors in the Singapore Market

The market analysis in Singapore conducted by Assembled aimed to identify the key influencers in consumers’ decisions to purchase multivitamins or specialised vitamins. Healthcare professionals and pharmacists play a crucial role in shaping consumer decisions. Understanding their influence helps our clients tailor their marketing strategies accordingly.

Product Claims and Consumer Perception

Our research also focused on identifying product claim concepts that resonate well with consumers in Singapore. By understanding which claims hold the most appeal, our clients can better position their products and messages in the competitive multivitamin market.

Television and Social Media Video Concept Testing

As part of our comprehensive qualitative research Singapore process, Assembled tested various television and social media video concepts to identify storylines that resonate well with consumers. Our clients optimised their advertising campaigns by pinpointing the most effective narratives and driving consumer engagement.

In conclusion, Assembled’s market research in Singapore offered valuable insights into consumer preferences and behaviour related to multivitamins. By leveraging our expertise in qualitative research and market analysis, our clients made informed decisions to navigate the Singapore market successfully.

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