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The growth potential of Southeast Asia is undeniable, and corporate banking has an essential role to play in realizing it. However, expanding financial inclusiveness across ASEAN and maximizing growth is not without its challenges. According to PwC, these challenges include regulatory complexity, inadequate technology infrastructure, and limited access to credit. To better understand CXOs’ challenges in corporate banking and how innovative product concepts can help overcome them, we engaged 16 C-level executives through market research in Singapore and ASEAN.

Engaging CXOs in Market Research Conversations

We assembled a diverse group of CXOs with concrete pain points towards the low-risk appetite of financial institutions across ASEAN. Our immersive approach engaged CXOs in conversations about their current ASEAN challenges and respected their inputs on new ways of banking which mirror best practices in American Fintech.

In-Depth Interview Discussions

Our discussions covered a wide range of topics, from regulatory compliance to the user experience, and allowed us to understand the nuances of corporate banking. By understanding their pain points, we were able to suggest actionable improvements that can be made to corporate banking in ASEAN.

Product Concepts

To help CXOs understand the various nuances of corporate banking and suggest actionable improvements, we presented them with product concepts. These concepts were designed to mirror best practices in American Fintech and provide innovative solutions to their pain points.

Efficient Market Research Process in Singapore

Our research process was completed in just four weeks, including recruitment and fieldwork. By co-creating innovative product concepts with engaged and insightful CXOs, we helped our client to understand the needs and desires of this important target market.

Insights and Recommendations for Successful Corporate Banking

Our approach led to actionable insights and recommendations that can be used to improve corporate banking in ASEAN. These insights cover various topics, including regulatory compliance, user experience, and access to credit.

Improving Financial Inclusiveness

Our research also highlighted the importance of improving financial inclusiveness in ASEAN. By providing innovative product concepts that meet the needs of CXOs, we can help expand financial inclusiveness and maximize growth in the region.

The challenges facing corporate banking in ASEAN are complex, but by engaging CXOs in conversations and providing innovative product concepts, we can help overcome them. Our immersive approach led to actionable insights and recommendations that can be used to improve corporate banking and expand financial inclusiveness in the region. By respecting their input on new ways of banking that mirror best practices in American Fintech, we can help ensure that the growth potential of Southeast Asia is realized.

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