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Why Assembled?

… because without articulate consumers, you can’t enable insights on any research issue. Work with the best-reviewed market research company in Singapore.

Market Research Supercharged

Articulate participants for market research in Singapore

Articulate research participants

Proven Berkley Expressivity Scale, Affective Communication Assessment, and Merrill-Reid Method to test articulation.
Market research in Singapore panel

Social and nodel recruitment

Carefully selected profiles in our database and network to recruit the right participants for market research in Singapore and SEA.

Quick recruitment for market research in Singapore

Recruitment at super speed

At least 50% efficiency in recruitment turnaround time compared to a traditional market research company in Singapore.

Exceptional experience during market research in Singaporepore

Exceptional field experience

Seamless, professional and a overall good experience for everyone with no last-minute drop-outs. In-house expert qualitative research moderators. 

Affordable market research in Singapore

30% more affordable

Participant recruitment, venue, and reports are done in-house. Therefore, we are at least 30% more affordable than a traditional market research company in Singapore.

Sustainable market research in Singapore

Sustainable market research

We support societal inefficiencies through skills and funds. Our founder is Singapore's NVPC Company of Good Fellow.

We recruit hard-to-reach market research participants.

Affluent, High net worth individuals, luxury car owners, C-suite, retail, business owners, and private banking customers are our speciality.

We also work closely with the healthcare sector and have access to patients, doctors and wellness influencers.

Don’t take our word for it. Just drop us a message at felicia@assembled.sg to know more about our work with 100+ extremely happy clients.

  • Affluent and HNWI profiles
  • Private banking clients
  • Expats and frequent flyers
  • C-Suite and business owners
  • Patients, doctors and wellness influencers

Members of Club Assembled

400+ 5-star reviews by our research participants. Check them out. 

Answers to Your Questions

Could you explain what market research is and its significance?

Of course. Market research is the meticulous process of gathering, analyzing, and deciphering information about a market, the products or services offered there, and the historical, current, and potential customers. It’s indispensable as it aids in comprehending the needs and desires of the customers, pinpointing potential markets, and making decisions rooted in facts. 

Do you own a database?

Yes. Because, Assembled does not believe in subcontracting, outsourcing or purchasing database from third-party vendors. We invest daily to build our own database to recruit articulate research participants. We currently have more than 35,500 members from the ASEAN markets – Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand.

How are you able to recruit hard-to-reach profiles?

Assembled’s network consists of B2B and B2C audiences, including UHNWI, HNWI, C-Suite, Affluent, Healthcare, Expats, Social Influencers and Gen-Pop consumer. Our nodal recruiters extends our recruitment capabilities to reach hard to recruit audiences. They pass us the contact details of interested participant and we conduct own CATI conversation (with PDPA guidelines/ secured data entry via GSuite sheets).

Could you tell me more about the role of a qualitative research moderator in Singapore?

In Singapore, our qualitative research moderators do more than just guide discussions in focus groups or depth interviews. They’re cultural and linguistic experts. Fluent in English, Mandarin, Malay, Tamil, and various dialects, they bridge language gaps and facilitate effective communication.

They’re trained to keep the conversation on point, to dig deeper when needed, and to make sense of the local lingo. ‘Singlish’ phrases, cultural idioms, local slang? They decode it all, turning them into insights that matter.

Plus, they’re sensitive to cultural norms and societal nuances that influence responses. They create a respectful space where participants feel comfortable sharing. In Singapore’s diverse landscape, this nuanced expertise is what elevates the quality of our qualitative research.

How do you ensure the validity of your market research data?

Validity is a cornerstone of our work at Assembled. Our seasoned team employs robust methodologies and stringent data quality checks. We cross-verify our findings and triangulate data from different qualitative and quantitative primary research sources. This rigorous process ensures that the insights we deliver are accurate and actionable for your business.

What makes you the top-rated market research agency in Singapore?

1. It’s the client Satisfaction: With over 150 clients, our commitment to excellence isn’t just a catchphrase. It’s a testament to the trust businesses place in us.

2. Diverse Research Capabilities: Our vast experience spans 600+ market research projects, each meticulously curated to address diverse needs, from comprehensive focus groups to intricate UX tests.

3. Unparalleled Feedback: Trust is built on results and feedback. And our 400+ five-star reviews aren’t just numbers; they’re reflections of our consistent efforts to exceed expectations.

What types of market research services does Assembled provide in Singapore?

At Assembled, we offer various market research services, encompassing focus group discussions, survey research, and specialised qualitative research (ethnographies, mystery shopping, shop-along, etc.). Our team, enriched by seasoned moderators, navigates the research process to ensure we advise the right methodology per your research objectives. We offer free consultation to businesses who are starting their market research journey. 

Can you clarify what qualitative research is and how it differs from quantitative research?

Qualitative research is a method of inquiry centred on comprehending social phenomena from the participants’ viewpoint. It contrasts with quantitative research focusing on numerical data and statistical analysis. Qualitative research in Singapore assists businesses in understanding the motivations behind certain consumer behaviours.

Could you elaborate on what a focus group is and how it can enhance my business performance?

A focus group is a qualitative research method wherein individuals are questioned about their perceptions, beliefs, and attitudes towards a product, service, concept, or idea. Focus groups in Singapore delve deep into the local consumers’ behaviour and offer a clear understanding of your target audience in this market.

Could you describe how survey research works and what insights it can offer?

Survey research is a quantitative method that employs questionnaires filled out by respondents to gather data. It can shed light on diverse topics such as customer satisfaction, product usage, and brand loyalty. In Singapore, survey research assists you in grasping market trends and evolving consumer preferences, given the cultural melting pot Singapore is.

Do you also recruit via social media?

Yes. With our marketing communications background, we carefully select the right social channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. and run teaser recruitments ads to reach out the right profile of audiences for recruitment. Apart from mentioned onboarding process, We also conduct a follow up CATI to secure these participants and test them on articulation/creativity.

Why do affluents, HNWI, rich doctors want to be recruited for market research?

Most of the times, it is about interesting research studies and their willingness to be heard by brands. We also incentivise the affluent and above with exclusive experiences (interviews at single-malt clubs, high-profile meeting rooms, 1-michelin star or similar level canapés, highly-articulate moderators with great listening abilities and discretionary pay-outs to the charities they support).

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