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The future of milk in Singapore

The future of milk in Singapore

Intro: Discover how our client successfully launched a groundbreaking milk concept by co-creating innovative communication strategies with engaged and insightful parents.

Uncovering Deep Insights: Moving Beyond Superficial Responses

Navigating the challenges of market research can be frustrating when trying to uncover deeper, more meaningful insights from participants. To bypass superficial responses and tap into powerful anecdotes, emotional stories, and thought-provoking experiences, we developed an immersive and engaging approach to co-creating communication concepts.

Unlocking Valuable Insights: 60+ Hours of Engaging Conversations

We assembled a diverse group of participants for in-depth discussions on usage, attitudes, and consumer experiences with milk products, as well as exploring new concepts. This approach ensured we gathered valuable insights necessary for crafting compelling creative campaigns and taglines.

Meet Our Insightful Parent Panel: 30+ Passionate Mothers and Fathers

Our panel consisted of over 30 articulate and enthusiastic parents, including both mothers and fathers, actively involved in purchasing milk and open to trying new brands. Their unique perspectives played a critical role in shaping our client’s communication strategies.

Interactive Pre-Task: Capturing Real-Life Milk Moments

Before diving into the research, we asked our parent panel to participate in a pre-task that involved capturing photos of various milk products and micro-moments of purchase. This exercise allowed us to gain a deeper understanding of their preferences and behaviors, laying the groundwork for more productive discussions.

Efficient Execution: Two-Week Timeline

From recruitment to fieldwork, our comprehensive research process was completed in just two weeks. This efficient timeline allowed us to quickly deliver valuable insights and actionable recommendations to our client for a successful product launch.

Business class travelers and Skype interviews

Business class travelers and Skype interviews

Efficient project management and focused field team are key when your massive qualitative project involves varied audience. We recruited varied research participant profile – from business class travelers, travelling for work to silvers/retirees traveling for leisure.

We tracked their travel experience via selfie videos. They met us to share more about their recent travels – not just in 1-1 setting but also through eight such focus groups and a convenient Skype call
just after their travel.

150+ hours of qualitative fieldwork: Assembled for Insight

  • 10 business class travellers in depth interviews, 8 focus groups comprising of leisure, work travellers in low cost and full cost airlines
  • 8 selfie-explained travel journeys with follow-up Skype interviews/face-to-face interactions

4 weeks including recruitment & fieldwork

Insights from parents of kids with Myopia

Insights from parents of kids with Myopia

Singapore is the “Myopia capital of the world” with 65% primary school students affected. Myopia is more common than we think.

According to leading news outlet – Today Online – Singaporean parents are opposed to having their kids outdoors for 2 hours a day, even it is helps keep myopia away.

According to their report – “About 80 per cent of Singaporean adults will be myopic, and about a quarter of these individuals may have high myopia”

Whether it’s genetics or hard work kids put into studies, Parents need to come together to address this issue. 

30 hours of qualitative fieldwork: Assembled for Insight

  • 20 In-depth Interviews with parents of myopic kids (age 5-15 yr old)
  • Myopia condition > 500 degrees, recently diagnosed in 1-3 years
  • Sharing their myopia journey and experiences with optometrists and ophthalmologist

1 week including recruitment & fieldwork

Luxury car owners, high net-worth individuals

Luxury car owners, high net-worth individuals

Luxury cars provide a sense of freedom, adventure and recognition (especially to men) to high net-worth individuals.

One of our HNWI participant mentioned – “ I like to listen to my car. You can hear when the turbo clicks in. You can just feel the giddy up effect – you can feel it through the steering wheel and the back of the seat. ”

200+ hours of high net-worth individuals market research: Assembled for Insight

  • 50+ luxury car owners (including high-end Audi, BMW and Merc)
  • To ensure their investment of time to attend a 3.5-hr focus groups was impactful to the research, we provided a unique opportunity to network with other like-minded HNWI individuals
  • These luxury car owners were representative of various life-stages and car ownership (retirees, multiple car owners, high-end)

3 weeks including recruitment & fieldwork

Focus groups with creative photographers

Focus groups with creative photographers

Everyone has a smartphone, but it’s (only) the first step. A picture is a picture when it’s printed out. When you go into an exhibition, you can look at them from different angles.

Our client was looking to launch a new photography product and was interested to understand what makes newbies pick up a high-end camera and how they are driven to take professional quality photos. They were also keen in the stories of ones who successfully won photography awards.

Affordable creative profiles recruitment: Assembled for Insight

  • Amateur photographers who owned professional cameras from Canon, Nikon and Sony.
  • Pre-task with photos submitted to represent the best from their professional cameras.
  • Recent camera owners with fair representation of professional award-winning photographers.

2 weeks including recruitment & fieldwork

Focus group rooms bring out the insight

Focus group rooms bring out the insight

Client are people like us. All they are looking for are – new insights,  actionable recommendations and great experience during fieldwork

Therefore, our Focus Group rooms are designed to foster creativity and ideas.

It’s simple: Inspired participants = better insights = Awesome reports = Improved client satisfaction.

Because, the last thing you want in the DARK VIEWING ROOM is –

  • No interaction with your clients.
  • Clients actually getting turned-off from fieldwork and starting to online chat with each other
  • Due to above, a total loss of control during fieldwork only to understand the reality once the FGD is done.

Instead, we use LIVE relay of HD video via TV in the viewing room. We also dial-in your stakeholders in different locations for this LIVE relay and discussion with you.

Exciting spaces and great food make FGDs an event clients look forward to

The affluent millennials of South-east Asia

The affluent millennials of South-east Asia

The affluent millennials of SEA hold the key to region’s future.

Take Indonesia, this South-east Asia’s biggest economy is slated to grow by around 5 per cent this year for the third year running.

So, how can a financial institution, ride on this growth and co-opt with educated, young affluent in the emerging regions of South-east Asia?

The tech-savvy affluent millennials in the emerging regions of South-east Asia have already faced lots of technical issues with digital financial transactions in the past. It’s high time and they want these issue fixed. We provided them with a highly encrypted online community platform for secure conversations with the client..

300+ hours from Affluent millennials of Indonesia and Thailand: Assembled for Insight

100+ Affluent millennials came together regular for few months to ideate, react and improve financial transaction digitally.

3 weeks including recruitment & fieldwork

The millennial mothers in Manila and Bangkok

The millennial mothers in Manila and Bangkok

You don’t need super-powers​ to identify articulate millennial moms​ across south-east Asia​.

Millennial Moms are the time-pressed dinner superheroes. For delicious meals, they heavily rely on secret cooking ingredients​ – spices and condiments. ​

​As tech-friendly millennial, ​they looked forward to a new experience of seeing their favorite spice and condiment brands ​in a virtual environment.​

60+ hours on concept testing: Assembled for Insight

  • 40 millennial mothers who use 2 major food spices and
    condiment brands in Manila and Bangkok
  • 90 min each in depth interview and tech play with senior accredited moderators from our panel
  • The client launched a new flavor in their food-related category in Manila and Bangkok

2 weeks including recruitment & fieldwork

Innovation work:      Ethnography & workshops with Diabetic patients

Innovation work: Ethnography & workshops with Diabetic patients

How do you encourage patients to share more about their everyday moments, tensions, emotions and needs? Go mobile in the beginning, have a genuine conversation, and provide a sense of community (through focus groups).

Global leads from a leading pharma visited Singapore to immerse themselves in lives of diabetic patients to build empathy with ethnography and test ideas via client-agency-consumer workshops.

32 Type 1 and 2 Diabetic Patients: Assembled for Insights

  • We were surprised to know that patients see market research fieldwork as a therapeutic platform for them to share about their condition with each other in a secure environment
  • That our diabetic research participants formed a WhatsApp community to emotionally support each other.

2.5 weeks including recruitment & fieldwork

Product testing with hard-to-reach expats of Singapore

Product testing with hard-to-reach expats of Singapore

How can a brand bring fragrance snobs together for product testing?

Expats in Singapore, especially from US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany and France are an extremely challenging group to engage in qualitative research. They often have strong views on novel products and need for uniqueness to try something different. We used nodal recruitment from expat societies, moving company networks, and social media to put together an impressive list of expats. 

60+ hours of product testing: Assembled for Insight

  • 30+ Affluent EXPATS with average personal monthly income of  > SGD $8,000
  • Job Titles: Business Owners, Healthcare Professionals, Managers, Teachers, Data Analysts & Civil Servants. Recruited for an hour of experiential in-depth interview and product placements.

1 weeks including recruitment & 1.5 weeks for fieldwork

The CXOs of ASEAN on corporate banking challenges

The CXOs of ASEAN on corporate banking challenges

According to PwC, there are a number of challenges to expanding financial inclusiveness across ASEAN and maximising growth. So, what makes CXOs talk about their corporate banking challenges?​

​Discussions on their current ASEAN challenges and respecting their inputs on new ways of banking which mirror best practices in American Fintech.​

B2B CXO profiles: Assembled for Insight

  • 16 C-level executives gave us their time as there existed concrete pain-points towards low risk-appetite of financial institutions across ASEAN​
  • We engaged them with product concepts that helped them understand various nuances of corporate banking and in-turn suggest actionable improvements

2 weeks including recruitment & 2 weeks for fieldwork

The foodies of Singapore on a new meal offering

The foodies of Singapore on a new meal offering

From hawker-centres to Michelin stars – Singapore has it all covered.

However, how do brands uncover insights on When-What-Where-How-and-Why consumers choose a particular fast-food destination.

In-the-moment qualitative mobile ethnography research conducted over WhatsApp.

Assembled recruited 20+ articulate and expressive millennial and Gen Z consumers in Singapore in just 4 days for WhatsApp 1-on-1 Consumer-Research Chat. The result?

50+ hours of rich fast-food moments: Assembled for Insight

  • 150+ in-the-moment photos/gifs/videos shared over WhatsApp chat conversations
  • 5 moderators working simultaneously with client in some group chats to engage a panel of research participants

2 weeks including recruitment & fieldwork

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